About the Farm

The Charis Teaching Farm is situated in Maesot, Thailand, across the border from Myawaddy, Burma. Maesot, and the surrounding area, is called home a diverse group of peoples; Thai citizens, Burmese refugees and migrants of various ethnic groups, and a large variety of hilltribe peoples native to Southeast Asia, to name a few.

The Charis Teaching Farm is a 4-acre organic farm on which we employ natural bio-farming methods, with no artificial chemical input, in order to bring restoration to both the land and the people of Maesot. We accomplish this vision through the pursuit of four primary processes:

  1. We employ natural self-sustaining methods that stimulate and promote the land’s natural way of creating healthy soil in which our crops are to grow.
  2. We provide fair-paying jobs and hands-on education for the regular and seasonal staff that we employ.
  3. We provide the produce harvested from our land to the Charis Project’s Community Engagement Team in order to help subsidize nutrition supplements to at-risk families.
  4. We conduct research and provide education and consultation to farms in the surrounding area of Maesot.

By working together with the land and the people, we are successfully fostering an environment that promotes Christ’s ministry of reconciliation, joining the people to the land, people to people and people to God.