Data & Publications

There are many advances in agricultural research being done across the globe.  One of the greater tasks of our farm’s research and development side is to locate and utilize the most up-t0-date research practices. Being that we are a teaching farm, we hope to make those resources more easily available to those who wish to do the same.


Center for Agroforestry – University of Missouri
This website is full of services.  In particular, their agroforestry pdf manual is free for download and functions as an introductory textbook for beginners in the subject.

Natural Succession of Species in Agroforestry and in Soil Recovery – by Ernst Gotsch
A published article based on agricultural practice and research in the Amazon.  This is foundational to understanding to workings of agroforestry.  Similarly, Breakthrouh in Agriculture, by the same author offers more of the same.

System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

We only use the SRI approach and, because our farm and others’, this application of rice planting is catching on in Maesot.  We can’t recommend it enough.

SRI International Network and Resources Center – Cornell University
This site offers a plethora of resources, stories and, in particular, the basic how-to’s for implementing SRI in your farm.

SRI basics step-by-step guide – Directorate of Rice Developement
This is a concise and straight-forward all-in-one how-to for SRI.  I find it very helpful in explaining the process.

Comparative Economic Analysis Between Traditional and SRI Cultivation – Dr. N. Sandhya Shenoy
One of my many published articles which attempt to corroborate the claims of SRI efficiency.  This one does a good job of describing the economic savings and profits of the system.