Fertilizer Recipes

Below, you will find the recipes to our fertilizer mixtures.  Their are two aspects to our fertilizer mixtures that need to be mentioned.  The first is that they are all-natural, meaning that no artificially created components are added.  This is important because it serves as a first step toward bringing agriculture back to a natural approach.  The second aspect is that the mixes are bio-active.  Each mixture is teeming with naturally occurring bacteria found in the environment in which it was made.  This means that with every application of fertilizer, you are inoculating the land with high doses of active bacteria which will continue to serve their function in your field, breaking down organic matter and freeing up more nutrients for you crops.

Fertilizer Recipes – English & Thai (.doc format)

Nitrogen Fertilizer

Potassium Fertilizer

EM (Effective MicroOrganisms)

Insect Repellent