Nitrogen Fertilizer

Nitrogen is the main nutrient-input required in farming.  For this reason, many farmers will use beans (which fix nitrogen from the air into the soil) as a cover crop between their cash crops.  Also, many nutritionists can tell you that soybeans are very high in protein (a nitrogen-based molecule).  Since we already grow soybean on our fields as a cover crop, we save some of our harvested seed for the next crop and the rest for making our nitrogen fertilizer.


  • 1 kg Soybean, crushed
  • 1 Liter Molasses
  • 1 kg crushed-whole pineapple
  • 3 Liters water
  • optional – add water used to rinse off rice to add more bacteria for adding to the fermentation process
Note: You can change the size of this mixtures, just keep the ratios of the ingredients the same.


We use a small hand-powered mill to crush our soybean.  The pineapples can be processed however you like; since we don’t have electricity at the farm, we use a machete!  Once the ingredients are processed, throw everything into a sealed container to keep the insects out and protect from oxygen.  Stir the mixture at least weekly.  After 2-3 weeks, the mixture should be ready.  Filter out the liquid for storage.  The organic matter can be added to your compost pile or put around the base of your trees and crops as a high-end mulch.

The liquid should be diluted when applied to your plants.  We put about 1 cup of nitrogen liquid in 20 Liters of water (about 1:85 ratio approximately) when spraying a field like rice.  When adding it to the base of plants, we use about half a cup to 8 liters of water (about 1:68 ratio) with the optional addition of worm castings.